About Me

Devyani Jain CV 2020

In the current digital age of networked society with upcoming networked wearables and smart objects, I am interested in exploring the new interactions that will emerge in this lifestyle and how to make technology and design more intuitive for the users, by designing innovative user experiences and interfaces.

Solving challenging real world problems by deconstructing user’s behavior and context and designing the appropriate solutions, give me the adrenaline rush! And I would like to call myself a research driven designer, meaning research forms an integral part of my process and I believe good solutions are deserved by deeper understanding (and destruction) of the problem space.timeline-resume-0012.jpeg
Until 2015, my work was heavily focused on networked wearables and IoT (with a bit of AI involved), and a lot of projects (classroom and internships) were in these domains. I had explored different kind of users, like  understanding the millennial user patterns (via trends as well as field study), non-humans (pet canines, more specifically dogs), pregnant women and chronically ill patients like diabetes, hypertension etc.(via field study as well as precedent). Most of my projects are research heavy, because I firmly believe in process driven design.

Proper research leads to implicit understanding of the subject and that’s where the key to innovation lies.

From 2016 onwards, I got to work primarily on Android at various levels in the forms of sprints: information architecture (for analysis), detailed information design, detailed visual design, re-imaging apps, detailed research for concept validation and redesign, trend research and forecasting, user research and consolidation and also got to re-explore new media art installation, currently live at an event.

Apart from user-centered design, I enjoy making art and writing as well. And the work in art have been revolving around personal expression and nostalgia. Writing is a more recent adventure, and still figuring out my voice and subjects.

Note: Due to NDAs, a lot of research, strategy and design work done in the industry can not be shared online, but can be discussed over a meeting.


Always interested in teaming up for exciting weekend projects.
Ping me if you have an idea or want to brainstorm to work together 🙂