Social Me

Social Me User Experience


SocialMe is real time bound public media art installation to make the user aware of the information anxiety that exists in social media interactions. Information anxiety is the gap between the information that you understand and information that you think that you should understand. In the words of Richard Saul Wurman, it is the black hole between information and knowledge. We experience this anxiety today more often than ever through social media interactions. Paradoxically, Social media which is meant to connect people seamlessly, thereby increasing the fidelity of information exchange, in reality seems to overwhelm the user with data which fails to qualify as information, leading to information anxiety. In other words, in social media, we read more than what we could understand, we see more than what we could perceive. More interestingly this anxiety worsens as the social connections increase in our social web. This works counter intuitive to the core intention of the medium itself. We have attempted to demonstrate this through a temporal public art installation.

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