Maternity Interactive Wearables

The project is a combination of wearable design and hi-fashion apparel for pregnant women. It is a collection of LeD garments that glows whenever the baby kicks in the mother’s womb. It is to celebrate the magical experience of a life growing inside you. It is an expressive interactive evening wear for the modern day women, to celebrate her motherhood.

The context of the garment is visualized as a red carpet garment for a celebrity who is pregnant. It is a evening garment in which wearable tech is used as one of the materi- als of garment construction.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.25.37 AM


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Garment with light weight flowy fabric, with an undergarment contan- ing the circuit has major issues :

a. The fall of the garment is very different from the knit undergarment, which makes the interaction inside appear alien to the garment.

b. Very flowy garments will have issue in embedded Leds inside as the gown will flow differently from the lights blinking.

c. A gown which is a bit closer to the body is needed.


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