Cookies in the Kitchen’s Top Shelf

There are cookies at home, yummy chocolate cookies, but they are kept in the kitchen’s top shelf. How do you get it? They are yummy but inaccessible! Taking inspiration from all those intelligent mummies, who always store the yummiest things in the most inaccessible places, we present our work : Cookies in the Kitchen’s Top Shelf.


Cookies in the Kitchen’s Top Shelf is an exploratory installation for observation and understanding of the concept of inaccessibility to information and the anxiety created by it.  Seven suggestive newspaper illustrations are put up very high on the wall, quite above the eye level consisting of the seven biggest news events of 2012. The headlines attract the people, whereas  their height makes the content inaccessible to an interested viewer. The inaccessibility to the provided information creates an anxiety in the viewer. This exploratory installation is a part of ongoing research to understand  the concept of information overload and anxiety.

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