City and You: Tell your Story, Reconstruct your city

City and You from Devyani Jain on Vimeo.

City and you is a temporal public art project which focusses on creating an audio landscape with the collected memories of the people through various analog and digital media. The idea is collect the stories of people and city with the medium of a rotary dial telephone and share it with world through social media. The outcome will be a cityscape in form of a story [text and video] which will be the woven of the hundreds of memories people have shared.

It is essentially a traveling interactive installation, where the user interacts with a rotary dial telephone and records their memories in it, and those recordings (audio and video) are instantly posted on the City&You website and social media pages where everybody can see the stories.

  • User picks up the telephone and listen to the message
  • Dial a certain number
  • Tell a story about this place in 30 seconds
  • Share an interesting memory or a story connecting you and the city. Your voice as well as video will be recorded
  • See them uploaded on the web with all other stories
  • See the story on our website, and popular social media pages.
  • Your story is posted online for the world to see.
  • You story goes online with million other stories, reconstructing the city

Currently, this project is going to be installed live at Punjab Grill Restaurant, at their new launch in Khan Market, New Delhi. Soon to upload the updates. 

This project was conceived after many iterations with the medium of a rotary dial telephone and exploring the concepts of information overload, nostalgia and memories. Some of the installations put up were: Cookies in the kitchen’s top shelf, Social Me, Pillow Whisper, Sounds of Wisdom, Iterations with analog mediums like old cassettes etc. This was an ongoing project along with its many iterations and updates throughout the first two semesters in National Institute of Design (2012-2013).

The hardware part of the complete setup includes a dialer phone, a processing board, recording devices with audio and video capturing capabilities, and other input devices that can vary from one particular use case to another. Some of them might include human detection sensors and ultrasonic sensors. This is totally dependent on the specific requirements of the clients.

Posters designed for this project
The fully functional installation prototype at NID, Paladi.
Users interacting with the prototype in real time
The telephone installation close-up