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Creatalog is a mobile app platform which aims to disrupt the brick-and-mortar market of  residential interiors where different stakeholders can participate and benefit via this platform. The app is currently designed for three different stakeholders:

Buyers: who want to find a suitable vendor nearby for their needs
Sellers: different kinds of vendors like carpenters, floorings, painters, furniture designers etc.
Uploaders: users who upload interior photos on the platform: for finding a suitable vendor to realize the idea as well as just for sharing on the platform for various reasons.

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Currently, we have launched Creatalog Beta for the Uploaders, and will launching the final version for Buyers and Sellers soon.

Click here to download the app from the Playstore.

Responsibilities and Deliverables:

In last 6 months, I have worked closely with the founder on the strategy, design and marketing. Following were the responsibilities and deliverables:

  1. Co-designing the mobile app from the existing information architecture. Have worked very closely with the founder for the UX Flows, UI Features. And designed and made the final screens for development
  2. Developed detailed User Personas for Creatalog considering all the target users
  3. Developed detailed strategy and guides for market validation studies including usability study plan. (Due to time and resources, we couldn’t execute the plan, have it properly documented though)
  4. Marketing Strategy: Worked on a multi-channel marketing strategy and came up with and designed the Click’n’Fly Campaign. Designed the strategy and creatives for the same. Also, worked on a detailed social media marketing strategy (including all the content and designing the graphics). Execution of the strategy is to be decided by the Founder himself.

Just went live with the Facebook and Instagram Page @creatalog.

Marketting Campaign

Testimonial by Ashish Mukherjee (Founder and CEO), managed me directly @ Creatalog:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Devyani while we worked on creating the UI for Creatalog. Devyani is amazingly driven and passionate about her work and strives for perfection on a daily basis. She brings several different perspectives for the solution. It really helped that Devyani openly communicated about path forwards and thus brought greater clarity to working within the team. Devyani is warm, caring while also being goal oriented and focused. I wish Devyani all the success in her career.”

Testimonial by Abhay Sundaram, colleague @ Creatalog:

“When working on the early iterations of Creatalog, I was still a novice Android developer with zero sense of UI/UX. And it showed. Enter Devyani. Within a few weeks, she completely revolutionized the app, giving it a consistent design language (a concept that was completely alien to me!) and adding vibrant colours and a smooth UI that impressed all our users. Apart from being excellent at her job, Devyani is an extremely patient colleague, and taught me a great deal about an aspect of software development that I knew nothing about. And she was able to do it all in double quick time, without one even noticing she was doing it. It was a pleasure working with her, and I’d consider any organization that hires her to be extremely lucky.”

Note: (1) All the work is well-documented and can be shared over a meeting/presentation. The branding and related creatives was not part of the responsibilities.
(2) All the material shown here was a part of my deliverables (marketing video, personas and usability guide and campaign posters)