How do we extend IoT and wearables for Dogs?

The project started as an exploratory open-ended project with the passion to designing interfaces for dogs and their caregivers.It followed complete end-to-end Experience Design Process of Precedent Study, User Research, Analysis, Concept and Design Development. It turned out to be a conceptual design project primarily.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Understanding canine behavior and psychology by various user research methods. Apart from the contextual inquiry with the pets and pet owners, I also took a professional canine training certification course for hands-on-experience under one of the best dog trainers: Ms. Shirin Merchant
  • Mapping the entire eco-system for pet tech products and their relevance
  • Mapping relevant opportunity areas based on the research insights which would be strategically benefit Intel Labs
  • Developing Innovative Concepts in the domain of Internet of Things

Due to NDA guidelines, only a few slides have been shown. Feel free to discuss this project one-on-one, for detailed information.

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