How do we extend IoT and wearables for Dogs?

The project started as an exploratory open-ended project with the passion to designing interfaces for dogs and their caregivers.It followed complete end-to-end Experience Design Process of Precedent Study, User Research, Analysis, Concept and Design Development. It turned out to be a conceptual design project primarily.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Understanding canine behavior and psychology by various user research methods. Apart from the contextual inquiry with the pets and pet owners, I also took a professional canine training certification course for hands-on-experience under one of the best dog trainers: Ms. Shirin Merchant
  • Mapping the entire eco-system for pet tech products and their relevance
  • Mapping relevant opportunity areas based on the research insights which would be strategically benefit Intel Labs
  • Developing Innovative Concepts in the domain of Internet of Things

Due to NDA guidelines, only a few slides have been shown. Feel free to discuss this project one-on-one, for detailed information.

Testimonial by Ramanath Padmanathan (then Strategist @ Intel), managed me directly at Intel Labs:

“Devyani is a self driven, motivated and enthusiastic designer who worked on highly speculative, first of kind (within Intel) pet wearable research project. With very little supervision or support she was able to map the pet ecosystem and key player through literature research, connect to key players within the ecosystem, glean promising insights through both questionnaires and qualitative research and translate the insights in actionable concepts. She would be an asset to any organization that requires user experience design skills.”


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