Projects at Samsung R&D Institute

Patent: Method and apparatus for displaying content WO2017209584A1

The disclosure herein provide a technical solution of a method comprising detecting a focus area within a graphical window of an application displayed on a screen of the electronic device, detecting at least one data item of the application in the focus area, and displaying the at least one data item with contextually related content corresponding to the at least one data item in the focus area in response to the detecting.


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Testimonial By Samrat Nawle (UX Design Manager/Senior Principal Designer at NxT Samsung) managed me directly:

Devyani is an enthusiatic designer with a high CQ (Curiosity Quotient). She brings great clarity at the start of every project by persistently asking the right questions, gains detailed understanding of user needs quickly through her fantastic research skills, and doesn’t hesitate to create several iterations to churn out the best solution. One of her key contributions while at Samsung was a megatrends report and user research study done for a Service Design product, insights from which helped us define the future roadmap for that product.

During my stay at the Samsung Advanced R&D Institute, following selected projects were handled:

  • Re-visualising the smartphone camera: Did a comprehensive benchmarking study and analysis, of the existing phone camera apps. Also compared the information architectures of primary phone camera apps, Apple, Google, Samsung, One Plus and Microsoft.
  • Designing applications/ideas for when people are in commute : Was briefly involved in conceptualizing what could be some good solutions/activities that one can engage in during commute.  As the commute time is one of the crucial opportunity areas. Based on user research done earlier. Came up with a few concepts. I was involved   very briefly in this project
  • All India research to redesign My Galaxy: Conducted a detailed research all across India with My Galaxy existing apps  as well as quantitative study to understand how people are currently using the app, to understand the usage patterns, the hits and the misses, which will lead to a better designed My Galaxy app. I was the primary researcher in this project and we ended up making a detailed research document including research insights, and primary personas (And their customer journey maps) for the My Galaxy, to be the reference point for the team for the all the My Galaxy prisons.
  • Studied trends (globally as well as in India): Did a comprehensive study from various sources (mostly secondary research), to understand where the Indian as well as Global population are headed towards. Analysis of the trends leading to some forecasting insights, which was presented to the entire NxT Team for SRI-B, as the data could be useful for many teams working differently.
  • Well Received Idea for Bixby: Coming up with quick concepts, just like a Sprint Project. Followed that methodology, conducted quick interviews within the company colleagues (non-biased), to arrive and later to validate the ideas. The chosen idea was appreciated, but due to bad timings (Bixby release being close), it couldn’t be implemented.
  • Understand how Bixby might appeal to the Samsung Users in India: Detailed study of  primarily conducted focus group discussions, following the research protocols already provided by Samsung, as this study was already conducted in 4 other countries. It was detailed study with  6 focus groups discussions containing 5-6 people in each. And analyzed to make a detailed research report.
  • Dynamic List View Interaction Design: Worked on detailed Information Design, grounded by literature review as well as user research. Also registered an A1 Patent. And made a presentation of details required to execute, it was almost as detailed as a PRD.
  • Exploring and understanding how can we re-design notifications (very briefly): Worked on the Research Hypothesis which was concetualised by another colleague and had left the team. His hypothesis was interesting but naive, refined the hypothesis and made a research plan needed to validate the hypothesis. The hypothesis was themed around Advanced Notification System.

Disclaimer: Due to the NDA policy, I can not share project content details, hence sharing my responsibilities and deliverables.