Smart Luggage & Accessories



This project was a 4month long project at Peter England @Madura Fashion and Lifestyle from January 2018 to December 2018.

The project objective was to study the Indian Masses, Trends and lifestyle of an average Indian Consumer and developing a conceptual wearable(s) project which critiques/explores an insight and tries to overlap fashion language and technological tinkering. The outcome of this process is a highly conceptual fashion wearable which may not be market ready, but shapes the vision for PE wearables (and kickstarts the PE Perform brand concepts) which will be further explored and narrowed down to a market-ready concept.

My role and responsibilities included:

  • Perform a detailed trends research and come up with forecasts and insights
  • Presenting the trends and concepts to the entire team of Peter England (Around 200 people)
  • Strategically conceptualizing ideas suiting their brand and customers as well their manufacturing processes
  • In-house wearable prototyping processes in collaboration with Experiential Labs, New Delhi for proof of concept development
Created this timeline comprising all important wearable tech inventions, research projects and products in the market. Click on the picture to go to the real time timeline, or click on the link below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The entire project is accessible via this blog. Please click here to access the project blog


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